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For information on our adoption rules see Adoption Policy and Application Policy.
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About Cats
About Dogs
About Small Mammals

Adoption Contract

When adopting a pet from the SPCA, you must complete and sign an Adoption Contract. The contract (in part) reads as follows:
I, the undersigned, hereby agree:
  1. To provide humane treatment and proper veterinary care at all times.
  2. To maintain ownership of the animal or return the animal to the Montgomery County SPCA.
  3. To notify the Montgomery County SPCA if animal is lost, deceased or has a change of address.
  4. To obey all applicable state laws and local ordinances.
  5. To have the animal altered by the Montgomery County SPCA if not previously altered.
  6. To a limitation of two (2) weeks for treatment of the animal by the Montgomery County SPCA for general health conditions- excluding trauma occurring post-adoption. After two weeks, treatment will be at the discretion of the Montgomery County SPCA. The Montgomery County SPCA will not reimburse any veterinary expenses incurred even if such expense arises from kennel related ailments. I understand that after hours I may have to call and/or take the animal to the Conshohocken location (610) 825-0111 for treatment.
  7. To release, indemnify and hold harmless the SPCA for any claim, suit, demand or liability which now exists or may hereafter arise either from the animal's condition or its conduct and behavior. We cannot warrant the health, age or suitability of the animal. Lost animals come in with no history and released animals may not have full histories. You assume all risk.
Adopters must come to the shelter to adopt an animal

Adopt an Animal

We currently have the following animals available for adoption. Cats and Dogs are listed separately, while all other animals are grouped together. Animals are automatically uploaded each hour to the website. The links below will open the site in a new browser window. This is the company that hosts our animal postings. Click on the picture for a larger image.

Adoptable Animals

Lost Dogs
Lost Cats
Lost Other
Check both lists of animals you are interested in adopting as after a 1 week stray period lost animals are generally available and applications normally accepted during the stray period. All lost pets remain listed under Lost Animals even after stray period.

Adoption Fees

Dogs $65.00
Cats over 1 year $25.00
Kittens (1 year or less) $25.00
Rabbits $5.00
Guinea Pigs $5.00
Hamsters, gerbils, mice $5.00
Birds $10.00 or more

The SPCA reserves the right to decline any adoption request.