Animal Adoption Information

Please read the SPCA's Adoption information page for important information before adopting an animal.

- SPCA Administrator

Adoption Contract

When adopting a pet from the SPCA, you must complete and sign an Adoption Contract. Three of the most important requirements you must agree to are:
  1. To provide proper veterinary care.
  2. To have the animal spayed/neutered.
  3. To return the adopted pet to the SPCA if you are unable to keep the animal.

We apologize, but you must come to the shelter to adopt an animal.

Adopt an Animal

We currently have the following animals available for adoption. Click on the link for the animal of your choice to view a list of the individual animals. Cats and Dogs are listed separately, the other animals are grouped together. You will then be able to view a picture of the animal and also request adoption information.

The SPCA is now using to manage adoptable and lost animals. The links below will take you to the web site in a new browser window.

Adoptable Animals

The SPCA reserves the right to decline any adoption request.