About the Montgomery County SPCA

What We Do


There are many animals at each of our shelter facilities that need new homes. Every effort is made by the staff to provide assistance and background information on the animals. All the animals available for adoption have been wormed and innoculated against distemper and rabies.

Animal Cruelty Investigations

Our humane society police officers investigate reports of animal abuse and neglect. They issue formal warnings and citations for cruelty to animals.


The humane educator presents programs on many topics concerning animals to schools, clubs, and service organizations. Pet visits to health care facilities can also be scheduled by contacting the humane educator at the Conshohocken office.

Lost Animals

The S.P.C.A shelters lost dogs and cats brought in by local police, animal control officers, and the public. Every effort is made to contact the animal's owner. Unclaimed lost animals are made available for adoption.

Mobile Adoption Unit

Funded and operated through volunteer efforts, the mobile adoption van takes adoptable animals to public places and events.


Each facility has ambulances for the purpose of rescuing stray animals that are injured or in distress and assisting the police 24 hours a day.

Spay and Neuter Program

In an effort to combat the serious problem of pet overpopulation, it is the policy of the Montgomery County S.P.C.A. to spay or neuter all animals that are adopted.

There is no additional fee for surgery.